Vaccine injury awareness

Vaccine injuries do happen.

They are diverse, and just because government drug safety agencies don’t always list them, doesn’t mean the vaccines can’t cause them.

A number of these injuries may be impossible to diagnose with standard medical diagnostics. However, highly specialised tests overseas are showing clear signs of physical harms — yet none of these tests are currently available in Australia.

We have prepared some material specifically for family and friends of vaccine-injured Australians:

You can also read more in our news section, and on our social media channels.

How can you help?

  • Write to your state and federal politicians, and let them know of your family, friends, and colleagues who have been impacted by the Covid vaccines, and ask that they meet with these people to understand the devastation they are experiencing.
  • Put a picture frame around your social media profile picture, and a link to this page.
  • Contact your local media (radio, newspaper, etc.) and ask that they present news articles about vaccine injuries and about people in the local community who have been affected.
  • Write to the national medical colleges, such as the RACGP, RACP, ACEM and ACRRM, and national medical associations such as the AMA, and ask that they educate their members on the reality of patient experiences with Covid vaccine injuries.
  • Write to national medical research organisations and scientists, and ask that they investigate vaccine injuries in order to discover new treatments.
  • Follow us on social media, like and share our posts and videos.
  • And, above all, don’t abandon those in your life who have become harmed by, or lost a loved one to, a Covid-19 vaccine — they need to know that you care and that you are on their side.
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