Why Register With COVERSE

You may have already shared your adverse reaction details with the TGA or state health body (this remains important), a politician, or filled out patient surveys by respected international patient research collaborations.

Regardless of where you have shared your injury details previously, COVERSE must have an accurate picture of the vaccine injury situation in Australia which is why we ask our injured community to complete their Vaccine Injury Profile. We will use this collective information to educate the community and Government on our unmet medical and financial needs, assess the progress of our health as a group, inform our advocacy, and work with researchers on issues identified by you.

You do not need to expose your identity to benefit from COVERSE advocacy. COVERSE takes data privacy extremely seriously, and all data will be anonymised for the greatest community benefit. See our full privacy policy for details. If you are keen to work with us to share your individual story publicly down the track, that will be a very separate process from this patient survey process.

Please note: The vaccine-injury profile is not designed to connect you with medical care. If your medical situation is urgent, please prioritise finding medical help. Do not hesitate to go to your GP or your local hospital for emergency treatment, even if you have already had multiple visits. If care is being denied, use the support groups to find recommended providers in your area. Continue to search for a health provider that will work with, and for, you.

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