Support Groups

While we have faced censorship on social media platforms, we recognise that they are the easiest platform to access for many. Below are some useful links to existing forums that are both private and moderated (please — be mindful to follow the rules and posting guides set by group organisers).

There are also a number of private chat groups on Signal, Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram. Ask around if you are interested in these.

You will find that different support and chat groups have different cultures and different personalities. If you aren’t comfortable in one of them, you might feel very much at home in a different group.

In the process of navigating your injury, your mental health is just as important as your physical health, and while the decision to seek help can be a difficult one, there are many organisations that can assist you. Your doctor can help you set up a Mental Health Treatment Plan which will provide Medicare funding for allied health specialists, or organisations like Lifeline or the Black Dog Institute can also provide free and immediate support. MindSpot also provides a free, digital mental health service across Australia, where all services are either online or via the phone.

As we grow together from this experience it connects us to a broader landscape of people and organisations advocating for the lived experience of people with chronic illness and disability in Australia. Joining campaigns for justice and inclusion enables us to show our solidarity and learn from others.

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