Our Aims

Our aims are centred around four key pillars. Each pillar represents an area where we believe work is necessary to obtain positive outcomes for the vaccine injured.


  • Collaborate with scientists and medical services to improve practitioner and patient knowledge of symptoms, conditions, diagnostic tools, and clinical treatment options.


  • Highlight major systemic inadequacies in the reporting, testing, management, research and treatment of vaccine injuries.
  • Raise awareness of the importance of reporting adverse events, and highlight the need for there to be a Government agency tasked with taking a proactive role in studying the longevity and severity of adverse events.


  • Provide COVID-19 vaccine injured people with a national platform that helps them find local and international resources and support services.
  • Profile the community of COVID-19 vaccine injured people in Australia to better understand the diversity of challenges being faced.


  • Lobby for national recognition and community awareness of the science and patient experience of under-acknowledged, and serious injuries from COVID-19 vaccines (including Long Vaccine Syndrome).
  • Advocate for critical and meaningful assistance for COVID-19 vaccine injured, including support for undertaking tests and treatments as well as accessible financial support.
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