Doctor Engagement With COVERSE

The complexity of diagnostics and treatment outcomes for COVID-19 vaccine injuries very clearly requires a multidisciplinary approach. There is currently no standard medical education or advice for Australian doctors to recognise and treat COVID-19 vaccine-injured.

Doctors and patients tend to better grasp the full picture of a patient’s condition by ‘adding up’ the expertise of individual specialists. Patients are also benefiting — to differing degrees — from tailored combinations of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals simultaneously.

To address this situation, COVERSE aims to establish an informal network of doctors who represent a diverse set of medical and allied health specialties.

This should accelerate clinical and research insights with regard to diagnosis and treatment, and enable us to circulate these as an educational resource for all medical practitioners in Australia.

If you are a medical professional interested in our diagnostic and treatment challenges, already working successfully with vaccine-injured people, or have advanced expertise of benefit to our medical research needs or patient community, please get in touch with us via

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