There is no biomarker available to confirm if someone has had a COVID-19 vaccine reaction, and existing tests are also proving difficult for different aspects of vaccine injuries.

Whilst there are well-established tests available for myocarditis and pericarditis, for example, there are many patients who nevertheless present with clinical symptoms of these conditions yet the available diagnostic tests still fail to confirm the doctor’s suspicions.

In many cases, however, physicians are being confronted with curious or rare constellations of symptoms, for which standard and obvious tests fail to provide enough useful insights.

React19 in the USA has prepared an extensive Diagnostic Workup Guide, largely to assist medical professionals and their patients with deeper investigations where warranted. These tests are not endorsed by us, and we note that a number of the tests listed in this guide are quite specialised and may not be available in Australia (e.g. Small Fiber Neuropathy biopsy and various pathology tests). We also note that some of the tests described in this guide may be particularly dangerous for some patients, so should only be pursued by the appropriate specialist after careful consideration of their potential diagnostic benefit weighed up against the risk to the patient.

We are working hard with our medical network to develop some diagnostic guidelines appropriate for the Australian health landscape and will update this page in due course.

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