Rado Faletič, PhD

Director / Founder

Rado Faletič is a consultant in the area of international science. He earned a Bachelor of Science with Honours in mathematics and a PhD for his research into the 3D visualisation of hypersonic air flows, both from The Australian National University.

Rado has spent his career working to support Australian scientists’ international projects in areas such as computing, climate change, natural resources, infectious diseases, science policy, and more.

In October 2021 Rado had his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine and experienced some mild but concerning side-effects that lasted several weeks. He was assured by his doctors that it was safe for him to have the second dose.

He had his second dose three weeks later, and within hours his symptoms rapidly escalated to include sharp chest pains, brain fog, heart palpitations, and tachycardia. Over the following months, he had several trips to the hospital emergency centre, but their testing and scans did not result in any diagnosis. He subsequently consulted a number of medical specialists, none of whom had clear answers for him.

Through his own determined research and the support of many other vaccine-injured individuals he has tried a number of different therapies and found some solutions that have enabled him to reduce his symptoms and start to rebuild his health.

In June 2022 he was interviewed for an article in news.com.au, where he called out Australia’s pharmacovigilance agency for its lacklustre response to reports of serious adverse events.

As a result of this article, he was contacted by countless people also suffering from serious vaccine side-effects.

He remains passionately committed to speaking out for these Australians and drawing attention to the scientific and regulatory failures and medico-legal impasses that have let down those Australians who continue to suffer serious negative health consequences as a direct result of their COVID-19 vaccinations.

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