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October 2023 is Vaccine Injury Awareness month.

Our focus for this month is to help educate the ordinary people of Australia about us, and to show that we are just like them — we are their friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, customers…

To contribute to this, and future, campaigns we are asking that vax-injured and bereaved Australians prepare a video of themselves, following exactly the same script.

Why the same script? So the message is reinforced by many people, and so we can more easily edit the videos into a collection of snippets. For example, see our previous video for International Womens’ Day.

Once you have recorded your video and are happy with it, email it to By sending us your video you agree that we can use it, either whole or short segments from it, for sharing with the public as part of our advocacy and awareness campaigns.

Important safety note: you are, of course, free to upload your own video to your social media accounts. However be aware that most platforms still have aggressive censorship in place. So be mindful of what you say in your video, and where you post it, and that there’s a risk that your account could end up having restrictions placed on it. Twitter seems to be mostly fine these days, but the other mainstream social media platforms are still problematic.

You can also share our awareness web page with your friends and family:
And use our social media profile photo frame creator to add a nice frame around your social media profile pic.

Set up your video

  • Make a copy of the script (below), and edit it to personalise it. Print it out if you like, so you can read straight from it.
  • Film yourself using your phone. Vertical orientation, without any effects or green screening.
  • Hold the phone at arm’s length from your face.
  • Try and align your mouth to the middle of the screen.
  • Make sure there’s no background noise (traffic, fans, music, pets, etc.).
  • Speak normally. There’s no need to add pauses or drama, just speak like you’re talking to a good friend.

The script

Copy-and-paste the below text into your word processor (e.g. Microsoft Word or Google Docs). Simply hover over the text and click/tap on it, which will copy the entire text to your clipboard ready for pasting into your own document so you can customise it with your own details.

Hello, my name is Joe.

I’m a vaccinated office manager in Mudgee.

Since September 2021, I have been struggling with health issues caused by my Covid vaccinations.

(pick up to 3 of the following points)

  • The hardest thing about dealing with my vaccine injury is…
    • Examples: no longer being to work; knowing that I may not be around to see my kids grow up; being unable to get around by myself anymore; being unable to care for my family; not being able to find effective treatments; having to sell my house; constant pain in my chest; constant noise in my ears, etc.
  • The biggest disappointment of my experience has been…
    • Examples: learning that there’s nobody responsible for investigating vaccine injury cases; being gaslit by doctors; having my story censored on social media; my doctor hanging up on me; my employer sacking me because I wouldn’t get a booster; not being able to get an exemption certificate; being denied workers’ compensation, etc.
  • To me, vaccine injury means…
    • Examples: being abandoned by the medical profession; being alone; being ignored by my government, etc.
  • I do not qualify for the government’s vaccine compensation scheme because…
    • Examples: none of my doctors were willing to put my vaccine injury on paper despite telling me they were certain it was caused by the vaccine; despite my doctors reports showing that the vaccine was the cause the government refuses to compensate my condition; I have not spent a single night in hospital despite now being disabled, etc
  • 3 of my [family members OR close friends] are also dealing with vaccine-caused issues.
  • During this time I have had incredible support from…
    • Examples: my husband/wife/children; friends; sporting clubs; community organisations; carers; support groups, etc.

(continue here)

I wish that… (say something that you wish for that would improve your life and the lives of others who have been impacted)

We need your help.

To learn more, and for ideas on what you can do to help, head to
coverse dot org dot au slash awareness


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