Long Covid Clinics

There are a number of Long Covid clinics in major centres around Australia. These clinics provide a variety of services to assist people struggling to recover after an acute illness of COVID-19.

Many people struggling with vaccine injuries, particularly Long Vaccine Syndrome, experience symptoms that closely mirror Long Covid. For this reason, there is strong suspicion that the two diseases are closely linked and should be treated similarly.

Unfortunately, the current situation in Australia is that many of the Long Covid clinic are refusing to accept patients with a vaccine injury but no history of COVID-19. We hope this changes soon.

Below are various Long Covid clinics around the country. You can click on the name of the clinic to learn more, including how vaccine-injured patients can go about accessing them.

stateclinic nametreats vaccine injuries
ACT ACT Post-COVID Recovery Clinic
NSW NSLCS Northern Sydney Long COVID Service
NSW St Vincent’s Post-Acute & Long COVID Clinic
QLD Mermaid Central Medical Clinic
QLD Metro South Long COVID Community Rehabilitation Support
QLD The Wesley Hospital Long COVID Clinic
SA CALHN Long COVID Assessment Clinic
SA Flinders Medical Centre
TAS Post COVID-19 Navigation Service Resources
VIC RMH Long Covid referrals
VIC The Victorian Rehabilitation Centre
WA EMHS Post COVID-19 Clinic
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