Vaccine claims scheme gaslights Australians

It is already widely acknowledged that the Australian Government’s COVID-19 vaccine claims scheme is wholly inadequate in every aspect, only capturing a very small percentage of Australians who have been injured by a COVID-19 vaccine.

It is now emerging that even those patients whose conditions are clearly linked to harm caused by these vaccines under the narrow rules of the scheme, with mountains of evidence from multiple doctors, are having their claims rejected.

This points to political ideology within the Department of Health trumping scientific and medical facts being presented to them.

The Government has dug its heals in with its messaging that these vaccines are “safe & effective”, in an attempt to deflect attention from the growing number of people being diagnosed with vaccine related harm.

We call on the government to do the right thing by these Australians, who “did the right thing” for their country and have paid a terrible price for it.

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Vaccine claims scheme gaslights Australians
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