COVERSE director speaks with The Australian

Co-founder/director of COVERSE, Naomi Smith, speaks with The Australian about her vaccine injury and the lack of follow-up or investigation from our drug safety agencies.

This article details Naomi’s journey from willing vaccine recipient to an inconvenient casualty of the national vaccination program.

She says: “I was so naive, I thought there would be scores of people ready if things went wrong. I expected people would want to know exactly what had happened, or that the TGA would have some sort of process because you are so sick and no one seems to know what to do with you.”

“We have been absolutely ignored and silenced. We did the right thing, for the community good, and now no one wants to help or listen to us.”

Her experience is not isolated, with doctors seeing an increase in serious (yet many unacknowledged by the Government) vaccine reactions despite ongoing claims of their safety by federal agencies.

Read the full article online (paywall): vaccines/news-story/4b51de34e77e574c63d84702fc496389

COVERSE director speaks with The Australian
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