Senate inquiry into Terms of Reference for a COVID-19 Royal Commission

COVERSE was formed in 2022 as a science-led charity to address what Australian governments should be doing: communicating with citizens harmed by a government-approved drug, fostering appropriate research connections, and addressing glaring information deficits.

On 1st February 2024 we presented for the first time to the Australian Government as part of a Senate Inquiry establishing Terms of Reference for a Covid Royal Commission. It has taken 3 years for parliament to make this invitation, and listen to our concerns about failed pharmacovigilance, medical and political abandonment and censorship, policy trumping science, and state capture.

COVERSE is 100% by and for the injured; we come from all walks of life. Contrary to claims made about us — without us — by government, our reactions are rarely mild or self-resolving.

Rado has a PhD in science and is a consultant in the area of international scientific collaborations. Rachel has a Masters in Media & Culture and does research on neoliberalism, populism and climate change.

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Watch our full testimony

source: Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee, Official Recording of Senate Committee Proceedings from the Australian Parliament, id 2146605,
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