Class action filed against the TGA

The law firm NR Barbi Solicitor Pty Ltd, on behalf of a large group of Covid vaccine injured Australians, has filed a class action against the TGA and numerous other government actors, alleging negligence and/or malfeasance.

This action is seen as a necessary step to take, with the action claiming that existing government processes have failed to adequately inform Australians of the risks associated with the Covid vaccines, and failed to adequately support those Australians who have suffered injuries from them.

With the launching of this class action numerous media outlets have picked up the story, which will no doubt lead to greater community awareness of the desperate situation being faced by the vaccine-injured and will attract international interest as people all around the world grapple with similar situations.

Some of the media to-date includes:

Australians interested in registering as a member can go to the following website for further information:, or watch the explanatory video to gain further insights.

Note: COVERSE does not endorse or recommend any specific law firm or legal action. However, we are supportive of all actions taken to bring meaningful support and compensation to all individuals and families who have been impacted by the COVID-19 vaccines.

Class action filed against the TGA
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