Long-term adverse effects

A significant portion of the Covid-19 vaccine-injured community in Australia continue to suffer from the harms caused by their vaccinations, despite governments and public health authorities assuring the public that these vaccine products don’t caused long-term adverse effects.

Those Australians who have struggled with adverse reactions that have been acknowledged by regulators, such as myocarditis, pericarditis, GBS, etc, largely continue to experience symptoms. While most have seen some level of improvement, the majority of these people continue to be impaired by the symptoms of their reaction, as is clearly evident in patient support groups if not government statistics.

There is another group of Australians, however, who have rarer, and unacknowledged reactions, yet still continue to suffer ongoing disabilities caused by them. For this group of Australians, the lack of acknowledgement means difficulty getting the right medical treatments and impossible odds of receiving any sort of government assistance.

Several of such Australians’ stories were profiled in a news.com.au news article, along with broader comments from COVERSE director Dr Rado Faletič.

Read the full article online: www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/health-problems/amplified-pain-syndrome-elevenyearold-boys-horror-diagnosis-after-covid-vaccine/news-story/80f668b508f96d891e5ea5159e3a0450

Long-term adverse effects
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