Germany includes vax injuries in Long Covid research funding

On 20th March 2024 the German Federal Ministry of Health opened a research fund for Long Covid.

What’s interesting about this fund is that it explicitly includes “complaints related to a COVID-19 vaccination… and Long COVID-like complaints in temporal connection with a COVID-19 vaccination.”

Details of the fund can be found online at: (English )

The fund is structured around four modules:

  1. Model projects for integrated or coordinated care (suitable multidisciplinary care structures in which care is specifically adapted to the individual needs of the patients).
  2. Innovations in care (to develop novel, innovative instruments for diagnostics and therapy support as well as for better monitoring of the quality of care).
  3. Research into the care situation and the disease process.
  4. Higher-level coordination office and overall evaluation (aimed at targeted, structured and regular networking of all funded research projects in order to exchange experiences and best practice approaches and to prevent any undesirable developments).

The Australian Government’s researching funding for Long Covid, in comparison, does not make any mention of vaccine injuries or Long Vax conditions, further cementing the government’s abandonment of the many thousands of Australians who got vaccinated for the sake of their community and have suffered serious harms as a result.

Germany includes vax injuries in Long Covid research funding
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