The Lockdown Files: AstraZeneca vaccine

The Daily Telegraph — one of the UK’s major newspapers — has run a series of news articles about problems surrounding AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine.

This has come about as a result of The Lockdown Files, which are leaked text messages from former UK health secretary Matt Hancock, coupled with evidence emerging from the UK Covid-19 Inquiry, and evidence from vaccine-injured and bereaved citizens.

The articles are paywalled, however if you have access to a library you may be able to read these articles for free via news aggregators such as PressReader.

As part of The Lockdown Files podcast, The Telegraph has also released an episode dedicated to this issue, titled “The Forgotten Victims”. Listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify . has also published related articles, which are free to read at:

The Lockdown Files: AstraZeneca vaccine
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