New Matilda does vaccine injuries

Independent Australian news website New Matilda has published a series of insightful articles on the issue of Covid vaccine injuries.

Most centre and left-leaning publications have dared not broach the topic of vaccine injury, proclaiming that they are “pro vax” publications, with the vast majority of mainstream reporting on the topic appearing in right-leaning outlets. Regardless, Covid vaccine injuries affect people of all political persuasions, of all ages, in all parts of the country, and in far greater numbers than most reporting indicates.

It is precisely for these reasons that the articles in New Matilda stand out. Covid vaccine injury is a topic that all mainstream news outlets should be covering — in-depth stories of personal tragedy, searing analysis of the systemic failures that have contributed to these tragedies, and detailed probing of the underlying scientific and statistical paradigms that underpin pharmacovigilance.

These articles are free to read at, and we particularly acknowledge their editor, Chris Graham, who channeled his personal story of Covid vaccine-injury to pen these articles.

New Matilda does vaccine injuries
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