COVID-19 vaccine claims scheme is not fit for purpose

The Australian Government has created a compensation program, the COVID-19 vaccine claims scheme, to provide financial compensation for people who have suffered a loss as a result of a serious adverse reaction to their COVID-19 vaccinations.

However, the scheme is proving to be incredibly complex and limiting, effectively ensuring that only a token few injured Australians are afforded any compensation via this route. Even then, the amounts being awarded are derisory compared with the losses being faced by those Australians who “took one for the team”.

In an interview with, one lawyer describes the scheme as “a bit of a government PR exercise — they set a very hard criteria, and then it’s a set-and-forget.”

We couldn’t agree more! From the perspective of those of us who are injured and suffering significant ongoing symptoms and debilitation, the scheme seems to be designed to give the appearance of caring for those injured Australians who rolled up their sleeves when they were asked to do so, but in reality excludes as many of them as possible.

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COVID-19 vaccine claims scheme is not fit for purpose
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